Published a report according to which in Russia 27.8% of Russians do not have a warm toilet

Опубликовали отчет, согласно которому в РФ  27,8% россиян не имеют тёплого туалета

Here’s a Maria Zakharova criticized that too much cutting in relation to our partners. Yes, and Sergei Lavrov will sometimes atreet, so atreet. Diplomacy, they say, need to be with them.
Well, what with them diplomatically? What, after all, not only head and share, just to bite more painfully, humiliate…
Show completely…

World toilet day approved by the UN General Assembly in 2013.
We also do not bast soup, joined the business, supported by the whole authority of the country which first flew into space and was entitled to count in the 5-year anniversary of this wonderful holiday at least one good word in his address.

But no! Some WaterAid published a report according to which in Russia we do business with these delicate devices are, in their opinion, it doesn’t matter.
According to their data, 27.8% of the Russians (and as calculated, bitches nedorezanny?!) continue to Asses freeze in the winter in wooden structures in the streets and yards, and even for what Bush or in the open field.

Okay our space pervoprokhodcev not remember or that RUSNANO our domestic phones will soon establish production in China and will push the IPHONE from the world markets – it is only negative maznut.
But what Board is that on these “birdhouses” we now exclusively planed applies – this could be noted as a positive fact of the change?
It’s a shame, because…