In the state Duma a bill on the constitutional Assembly

В Госдуму внесен законопроект о Конституционном собрании

In the state Duma a bill on the constitutional Assembly. In this regard, Alexei Venediktov and Pavel Chikov fear the adoption of a new Constitution for life under Putin. I am, however, sure that it is not. Let me explain why.
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What is a Constitutional Convention? It is a body that has the right to rewrite the Constitution from scratch: “the Constitutional Assembly either confirms the immutability of the Constitution of the Russian Federation or elaborates a draft of the new Constitution of the Russian Federation, which was adopted by the Constitutional Assembly by two thirds of votes of the total number of its members or submitted to a popular vote” (part 3 of article 135 of the Constitution). The rules of convening the Meeting should, according to the same article, to determine the Federal law – and it is something just since 1993 can and cannot take.

Attempts have repeatedly been made – and in the second and third convocations of the state Duma (in this case, the bill introduced by the then not so powerful Volodin), but further attempts were being made. Even in last convocation of the Duma, we on the Committee on constitutional legislation and state building has discussed something similar – but again it was limited to discussions.

Why I am convinced that this shot will be in the milk?

First, look at the author of the bill. Who do you think wrote it? Spring? Neverov? Volodin? Krasheninnikov? – No. It was written by the Director of “heart of a Dog” Communist Bortko.

The current political system is designed so that no important idea can’t be thrown from the “opposition factions”. Of course, they are all shadows of the “United Russia”, but because they know their place. No member of the Committee for culture to inscribe itself in history as returning to Russia the monarchy with Vladimir hazy Sun at the head. Would it be seriously and the Kremlin under the bill would stand the signatures of United Russia, though not of the first rank. Moreover, the topic would be prepared with some kind of status people like Kudrin with the arguments “we need a parliamentary democracy, will be enough to concentrate power in the hands of one person” etc. And who would be the head of parliamentary democracy – that all would understand without words.

But none of that.

Secondly, 2024 now for Putin and the Kremlin too far. They are all tactics and no strategy, which is confirmed by the events of recent years. What will happen in 6 years who will die – the donkey, the Sultan or Hodge? It is a mystery that the Kremlin will solve a lot closer to it. Now his task is 2018 elections, she concentrated all the attention.

And finally, the obvious question: why then is the Director Bortko? As for hype, even if he hardly knows the word. The anniversary of the revolution, the Constituent Assembly fluids penetrate into immature minds, want something, whether global, or sturgeon with horseradish. Here again is where the bill on the constitutional Assembly.

However, it is useful for us to discuss it seriously: may this be the time all over zilch, but look at the neighbors, all of these Their Majesties Rakhmonov and other kings. Every year we are getting closer to him, and this danger should be to see and understand.